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Default Re: my new Clairmont with Grubee

thanks for the replies - ill try to be more clear next time with my questions. once i understand a bit more, i hope i'll get better at it! haha

george - how right you are! i had no idea. these and electric come to find out. i know where i am (upstate NY, closer to canada) i have since passed a cop or two on my way to work. so far no problems; i tend to stay away from people and only on the sidewalk when necessary. if passing people i usually turn off the motor if i can afford it. same with the people i have seen with electric bikes up here, no problems yet. bike population has really increased this year.

so, im riding the thin line and i had no idea! thanks for letting me know, now im going to get a replacement muffler sooner rather than later as the cap fell off. sure does work a whole loot better now though, bit less inconspicuous though.

just had it out for a ride around and to the store. working wonderfully. i only get concerned as to if i have too much or not enough tension on the chain - especially after the last incident where it wrapped.

thanks again

edit: now i am seeing what i believe to be an update to the law that it needs to be registered as a scooter. sooner or later ill figure it out - may just head to the local dmv on tuesday!

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