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Default Re: hello all! i have a question about my currie.

That lock is probably shot. If it's the same type as on the Currie e-Zip Trailz, you're no worse off. They're not really all that good. The lock on the rack and the battery connectors at the bottom of the rack. Those connectors are definitely a problem.

For right now, the duct tape is a good fix to keep you on the road while you figure out something else.

What I did was to take the two SLAs out of the battery 'pack' that Currie supplies. I bolted two soft-sided lunch boxes like you find at those big box stores onto the rack. The batteries ride in there. A couple of straps with good strong buckles holds the batteries so that they don't rip right out the side of those lunch boxes.

I wired plain old household extension cord ends into the bike wiring harness and the batteries.

Plug and 'play'. Works like a charm. And it's less ugly than the stock set-up.
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