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Default Re: My new clutch actuator


Everything's cool, you made me sound like a fly-by-night flunky, know nothing, on this forum...I deserved it! You responded to my email for help ,and I ddn't answer back, and I apologize. I had to take care of my paying customers as best I could, the emails were overwhelming at the time!

There were quite a few who were willing to jump into the water and buy a kit. I had to make sure these folks were taken care of as soon as possible.

Nobody likes to be ripped off on the internet...I've given refunds to people who didn't understand the idea of a "real" clutch. They didn't like the "feel" of a gradual clutch.

I personally don't understand this, but I have been riding motorcycles for years and motorbikes for months. I wanted a clutch for my motorbike that was like a motorcycle.

Some will like it, others won't
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