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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

Originally Posted by guttermonkiey8467 View Post
today i opened the bike up all the way for a little to see what it had. hit about 25-30 mph on the way to work. on the way home the muffler blew apart the catalatic converter fell off first got a nice performance then the rest of the muffler worked its way loose fronm the block that was the end of the ride. going to get new muffler in a few days. getting the old one welded back toghether for now.anyone got any ideas on a good muffler
Wow! Did you have the muffler body supported with a strap to the frame or was it just hanging from the cylinder port?
Edit: I saw pictures of your exhaust mounting on your other picture thread.
With the muffler pointing up and out with no other support it will vibrate like a tuning fork and soon fail at every weld possible. All the mufflers need additional support other than the cylinder studs.
Considering that you want a quiet system, I can see an extended exhaust muffler system from custom motored bicycles (see link below) working better for you if it will fit considering the limited ground clearance your bike has.
The expansion chamber systems will improve engine performance, but most are louder than the stock muffler.

As for a better system, why not go for an SBP expansion chamber or similar exhaust?

Or custom motored bicycles has all kinds of exhaust systems including a couple of expansion chamber systems. The expansion chamber with no muffler is loud, but folks seem to like it's performance.
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