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Default Re: what I must know for building

Originally Posted by curchunflo View Post
I want to put the engine IN frame, is possible to do that with this engine? I say that because all bikes with the gx35 that I saw do not has the engine IN frame.

I saw that you talk a lot about gearbox and clutchs. I must add a clutch and a gearbox to the engine? There is some how to here for reading what I must do for preparing the engine?
It is possible and has been done before.

What kind of bike are you mounting the GX 35 on?
You can either make or buy a flat motor mount for the engine.

GX 35 comes with a built in centrifugal clutch.
You need to add a gearbox with gearing reduction.

A pocket bike gear box is not very high quality but will
work with a low powered GX 35, but it is rather wide
with the gearbox added so you can mount the engine high
in the frame so the pedals clear underneath or you will
have to install a wide crankshaft for your pedals.

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