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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

Originally Posted by fatdaddy View Post
NOPE, It ain't. But when the guy gets his pipe straightend out he's gonna post it here. It'll go something like, Got my baffle-less pipe back on today and it runs GREAT. Anyway, I THOUGHT I was just gonna give the guy a quick suggestion. Didn't know it was gonna turn into several posts.
Originally Posted by d_gizzle View Post
I really would like to know:Is this a build thread now?

Sorry about that, guys... But WOW it was worth it. Thanks fatdaddy. I kind of think of this as a "this is what I'm doing/trying to do right now" thread... but I guess it'd be misuse to turn it into a current build thread. That's not organized.

And happy-time? More like HS-time. Rode to a back road, took off the cap, cracked the throttle open and I actually peeled out and fishtailed a little! (asphalt was very dirty/gravelly) Taking the end cap off only got me another 4mph (29-->33) but it has WAY, WAAAAY more power. I accelerate nearly twice as fast, and only have to pedal 1 revolution to start from idle instead of 4. I can even power up a 30 slope with my 40lb backpack and only slow down to 25 mph, but my top end down the same hill is only 34.5... I think I'm having a serious issue with rolling resistance somewhere. And I felt okay about making more noise on the highway after six very, VERY loud Harley's and a couple crotch-rockets passed me by.

I can rule out wind, because on the flat back road my speed only changed .5mph each way with 12mph wind almost straight along the road. I can rule out my new unbroken clutch, because when I pull the clutch in I experience the same rate of drag (observation and Google Tracks graphs) and it only squeals when the motor's engaged, because the big bevel gear and drive gear are what hasn't set yet. I just replaced my whole crankset and adjusted my rear hub, and my front hub has always been great... my brakes are adjusted... I have no idea. Maybe my hubs just aren't good enough at the higher speeds? I don't know.

I bought the bike from craigslist, and the guy said he bought heavy-duty wheel hubs for it but he didn't know what make, and judging by the quality of the last crankset they are probably pretty bad and he was just trying to sell the bike. I might try taking off the drive chain and riding it down a hill to troubleshoot.

In other news, I'm filing down my main reflector and getting ready to mount my CREE P4's. One is going straight in, the other above it at a slight downward angle. I'll post pics when it's done. =)

And dinner beckons me.
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