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Default Re: what I must know for building

Hey guys, I think they are still very biased and unfair to me.

If you had told me that my idea is rubbish, I would have thought "well, these people are the ones that knows what I do not know" and wondered what had advised me to do. Because that is the reason because I came here.

I am a web designer and programer, I know what I am talking about when I talk about websites. Of course it is not the only word, you can have a different opinion, but you cant insultme or giveme a non educated treatment only because you do not like my opinion. That is unfair.

BTW: if you do not help me only because you dont like how I think, is like a censorship because if I have the same opinion than you, you can help me. That is even unlegal. But, you can do what you want, I wont give you a diferent treatment even if you are enemy of what my opinion.

MotorBicycleRacing, thanks for your words. I think that is a very bad first step. I thought that maybe you can help me, and I thank there must be some people who like to share knowledge with other people here.

Yes, i didnt ask for a alredy builded bike, I ask for your advice for building my own.

And: there is a lot of persons who want to ship me the engine (even this guy wanted to ship me a bike! note that, what do you say about that? now you do not want to sell me your bike and "talk about the sipping"?).

If somebody here want to do a comercial change, we can do it. I will not insult you if you say "I can pay you with the engine, do a website for me", because I am gonna spend some money in the engine, and I have to earn it. There is not difference between this options: in both I need to work. Do you see that?

Hope you understandme.I do not want to be rude, I hope not get me wrong, I do not want to offend them, but I do not want to be offend.

Regards and thank you four your time.

ps: a website with that security holes (in a windows sever!) and that design maybe was a good site in 1990, but now, is not a good site, if you like it, is different, but that doesnt make it a good site.
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