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Default Electric Shifting NuVinci Caddy '-}

I know i should maybe put this in another area but I figured all of you might like to take a look at my latest build. It's is not for a customer. It is my money and my new bike.

I managed to acquire a rare new Cadillac Fleetwood bicycle with the Nuvinci N170 hub still in the box, and then a new 960W 36V LiPo electric drive and freewheel BB crank assembly to put on it. I scored pretty good on both prices. Ya, I get lucky that way sometimes ;-}

Let's just say it's not a Wally World Huffy with a BoyGoFast motor since the battery itself cost more than 2 of those ;-}

NOTE: I just added the speedometer on this first pic, it is not in the rest of the pics.

Things to note in the above pic are the controls.
Independent levers for the front V and rear disc brakes, and two twist 'half grip' controllers for the throttle and shifter.
Did you notice the old style 'Ting Ting' bike bell?
This bike is so quite it is actually cool to have, especially when I screw with the Spandex riders ;-}

Here is the meat and potato's part.

Here you can see the left side and the new front forks I added.

I will post more pics with specifics if anyone is interested but of all the bikes I have built including my Big Red (4-stroke 3-speed shifter) this is my favorite ride.

It's no speed demon, it only does ~30MPH on flat ground, what it does have over every other bike is it's sheer reliable simplicity, eloquent look and ease of use.

No gas or oil (except for the two chains) and no 'it won't start' problems or maintenance issues.
I plug it into the smart charger when it is home and when I want to go for a ride I just dawn my riding gear, turn on the 1200 Lumen front light and flip the ON button on the throttle and turn it.

I don't pedal at all, I just open up the ~1.3HP motor and then twist the NuVinci shift controller for how fast I want to go.

It is so darn clean I could take it to bed with me at night but I have a wife so just sitting in the shop with no smell works for me.

I know it seems odd for a guy that has a kick butt 4-stroke and builds gas bikes for living now rides an electric but what can I say? I just flat love the thing ;-}
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