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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

Originally Posted by xenodius View Post
Alright, that's really a relief, I'm definitely game... just please forgive my inexperience.

I did some searching and it sounds like the baffles should just fall right out, but I removed the endcap and they're pretty solid. Reading online about motorcycle mufflers, ehow said to just drill straight up the exhaust port. But my exhaust port/endcap is just a long, hollow tube. There are chambered baffles inside the pipe with round holes for the endcap tube to go through, as well as crescent holes. But I can't get those to come out at all.

So, um... help me please? =) Am I missing something obvious? Should I just drill through the endcap?
If ya take off the end cap and pull it out, you should find attached to it a long tube. That's yer baffle assembly. Don't worry about whats up inside the rest of the pipe. Simply taking off the end cap/ baffle assembly should un-restrict it enough to give you better exhaust flow. If you take out EVERYTHING from inside the pipe then you're not gonna get any back pressure at all, and ya need a little of that. This is a SIMPLE test, No drilling, No cutting or anything. Just pop off the end cap and run it. Like I said, Thats how I'm running my cruiser and it works fine. I'll eventually invest in a decent exaust system, but for now, I'm good.
P.S. My Cruiser runs like CR*P with the end cap/ baffle on.

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