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Default what I must know for building

Hello everyone, I am curchunflo, from Argentina. At first I must apologise for my english. I am a web developer and designer and learned to speak your language reading it, so, I must sound like a monkey, haha.

I am interested in building a motorized bike and now I am learning and reading a lot. Thanks for your forum, I found it very useful but I have a lot of question, I hope you can help me or guide me for learning.

I am a clasic motorcycle fan, so I want to give that style to my bike.
I like the 4 stroke sound, and I found it more comfortable because the 2 stroke motorcycles that I had was to noisy and spit a lot of oil. So I want a 4 stroke engine.

I started searching the gorgeuos GHX 50 form Honda, but Honda doesnt sells that engines here and in Argentina there is not ANY 4 stroke engine kit.

The only engine that I can find is the GX 35 with 1.3 hp. It has lower power that I want, but, I want a bike with engine, not a motorcycle. Reading in the forum I saw that with this engines I can reach the 25 mph, and thats fantastic for me.

The problem now is that I cant get the engine kit, so I must to buy the engine (here I comes in a weed eater) and build the kit from scrach (I mean: the engine, chains, etc).

What i do not understand is how to do it.

I want to put the engine IN frame, is possible to do that with this engine? I say that because all bikes with the gx35 that I saw do not has the engine IN frame.

next question:

I saw that you talk a lot about gearbox and clutchs. I must add a clutch and a gearbox to the engine? There is some how to here for reading what I must do for preparing the engine?

I thought that if I get the engine the only I have to do is to find how to transmit the engine`s power to the bike (I think that with a string connecting the motor shaft and the sprocket of the bicycle, that is the way to do it??).

Well, thank you very much for your atention and your help.

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