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Default My motor paid for itself today

Before I bought the kit I considered if it would be worth buying the kit since money was tight. Being a gearhead and a bike enthusiast, it wasn't a very hard decision. I had ordered the Grubee 66cc skyhawk for ~$200 shipped. I compared how many weeks of commuting (based on fuel savings) it would take to pay for itself and I have finally reached that point. After 7 weeks (a little over 700 miles) of commuting I have hit the break even benchmark for the initial purchase. Now I just need it to survive another few weeks to pay for things like the replacement front drive sprocket, 36 tooth rear sprocket, new chain, replacement magneto and replacement CDI. This little engine is still spins like a top and with my automotive experience and resources, it should continue to run for some time to come. It just now feels like it is broken in. Looking back it is hard to believe I could barely go 20 mph with a 44 tooth sprocket when I can now easily hit low 30s within a few hundred feet when I'm on it with my heavy pack not trying to reduce my wind profile.

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