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Default Re: Wanting a new motor

ya Harold . I wouldn't mind having to register and insure it if I chose to go that route . I'm not ready to give up on this motor quite yet . I'm sure I'll get it up and purring like it should sooner or later . I had a guy yesterday offer me $650 cash on the spot for the bike the way it sits and I maybe should have sold it but I'm just to attached to it already . What can I say , Its been a pain in my backside but I love the thing and I love riding it . I'm ordering a new head and carb for it in hopes that it will take care of the problem . If I do get it running right its going to put me in a bit of a dilemma though . I'm going to miss all the tinkering and wont have anything to keep my mind occupied ! lol . I may have to do another one . I'm an addict already ! GOD HELP ME !
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