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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

Originally Posted by Ibedayank View Post
hills... your weight.... your size wide/tall.. how heavy the bike is...
A 5foot tall #120 guy will go faster then a 6 foot 5 #300 guy on the same bike over the same road
I weigh 185, I'm 6'4". Bike is a super-heavy duty cruiser frame, total weight is probably 50/60 pounds. It REALLY bogs down on hills... It'll bog to a stop on a 25 grade hill pretty quickly if I don't pedal. I don't care about that much though, there's only a couple hills around here and I can go around both of them quite easily.

EDIT: if I go racer-pose instead of upright, I can get 2mph faster on the flat. There's a long, long backroad around here that's always empty that I go WOT on for speed tests.
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