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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

Originally Posted by xenodius View Post
Switched out some jets on my carb since it was four-stroking, went from a .70 to a .66. Plug chop indicated it was a little bit lean, then I realized I had an air leak. Fixed that, went to a .68... looks good, but for some reason my top end is still 29mph even though it's not four-stroking... and I've lost a noticeable amount of acceleration power confirmed by GPS.

I should be getting more than 29 mph top with a 66cc and a 36t sprocket, shouldn't I? I've ridden it over 50 miles. I just want to go 35 to keep up with traffic... I doubt everyone else is imagining they're going as fast as they report. In fact, switching to a 36t from a 44t only added 2 mph. I thought several folks said they could get their bikes to 6,000 rpm at WOT, but the best I can do based on my speed is about 4,500.

In other news, finally got my CREE P4 LED's and mounted a pair into 2 heatsinks with thermal epoxy, it's almost set and then I'm going to mount them in the reflectors and then mount them into my headlight and wire them up. =) Going to try the notorious white wire first, then resort to my dynamo if that doesn't work.
hills... your weight.... your size wide/tall.. how heavy the bike is...
A 5foot tall #120 guy will go faster then a 6 foot 5 #300 guy on the same bike over the same road
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