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Default Re: Saying Hi from San Antonio

I recommend a 2 stroke instead of a 4 stroke. The advantages of a 2 stroke are many.

lower initial cost
easier to install in frame
lower maintenance costs
easier maintence
more aftermarket support
higher performance

Other things to consider. In Texas we ride in a gray area of the law. The gray area revolves around the issue of whether a motorized bicycle is self propelled or not.

All the 4 stroke motorized bicycle kits have centrifugal clutches. If all you have to do is give it the gas and go, a prosecutor could argue in court that your motorized bicycle is in fact self propelled, which would make it a motor vehicle requiring a license to ride, and registration which is impossible to get under current Texas law.

A china girl style motorized bicycle has to be peddled up to about 5 or 6 mph before you can let the clutch out. That's why they're not considered self propelled.
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