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I was thinking on this subject the other day... as I began pouring over the forums, looking for anything on using Carbon Fiber... I've found nothing, but I digress; Shaft driven stretch cruiser frame, motorized... I was thinking a lengthened shaft from an old Honda (or other brand) ATC. I had the ES 200 (Big Red) when it first came out... was on leave from the Army, and decided to buy one, to ride around with friends, while on vacation. It was great fun, and the bike was eventually sold, for lack of use (yeah, I bought a $2000+ bike, for a month's vacation, and never rode it again!). That transmission was smooth, and strong... imagine that on a strong bike frame?

The carbon fiber? Still working on it; anyone made one yet? I'm putting the info together, it's going to be a cross between a Dyno Roadster, and a Board Track Racer... or maybe I'll make a clone of that Czech bike; Cola Jinac Cruiser... any thoughts?

Ciao! (My Jack Russell, rides on top of my gas tank, on my Honda Nighthawk!)
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