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Default my new Clairmont with Grubee

edit: thought i put this in 'intro yourself' - i did not! sorry, if a mod could move it i will watch myself next time.

hello all - new to the MB-ing world. bought this bike from a friend who built it and went through all the pain to get it working hahah.

first bought it, it was possessed. haha. on returning from work on day one, at the top of hill, shifting down to save my legs (motor was off) my rear derailleur somehow got all mangled. was horrible. thankfully a local bike shop did wonders for me. 50$ after they bent the hanger back+a new derailleur.

then, day or two later, rear tire blew. pretty sure was under inflated, hit a bump and popped from inside.

since fixing those, it has been great. muffler cap fell off due to vibrations, got a lottt more power. i have not since replaced it, today it drove wonderfully to work. (12-15min ride). surprisingly, its just as quiet while driving, and perhaps even quieter at idle? do you guys suggest replacing the cap, not, or getting a new muffler? i prefer to be incognito when possible.

im still running 16-1 through it, just waiting to get through 1 full gallon, then moving to 32-1. runs pretty well, a small bit of smoking today for the first time ever. buy havent driven in in 2+ weeks. i would guess im reaching 25-30 mph, as i keep up pretty well with cars. this is only with the help of going downhill though - flat surface maybe....15-20MPH? no idea how to tell! hahah

a question:
it drips gas on occasion, from the little tube at the bottom. ill snap a photo later on, but does anyone know how to rectify this? it is annoying, i arrive to work and stink like gas. granted, i change, but still. i thought perhaps it is getting too much gas and not burning it all up? i am not a 2-cycle man, still doing my reading and research. there are 2 hoses pointing up, and 1 pointing down, it is from the one pointing down.

otherwise....any advice anyone have to offer?

i am going to get rid of those terrible brake pads ASAP, will replace them with the Kool Stop ones. also going to grab the dual lever from SBP.

this is my daily driver. M-F 12-15 min journey, and 2 days a week 25 +/- miles round trip journey. soon, in 2 weeks, i will need to take it on a 40 mile journey, 1 way, so, long round trip.

any advice and help is greatly appreciated. as i said, new to it all, but certainly love the bike so far.

already had 1 crash and burn, driving behind a garbage truck, he stopped short - man those brakes really are trashy!

here is a photo of it when i purchased it, when the derailleur broke and when the tire blew hahahah. oh, the rear rack is now gone. it got mangled when the rear dr went. the front guard is off, rattled way too much. and the rear one rubs a bit on the chain, ive bent it and plan on tin snipping it, but well see how that pans out.

hopefully the other 2 links work, photos are large, let me know if they do not work.

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