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Default Re: Thinking about a bumble bee

Originally Posted by thxcuz View Post
It just occured to me... The hub brake in the back rules out the chain drive idea. So I guess it's friction or fix the electronics on it. Anyone have one to sell? Id like to try used if I can.
I cant tell for sure because the picture doesnt show that side of the bike, but isnt that a coaster brake? do you pedal backwards to brake? if so, you can still install a chain drive. coaster brakes are common on beach cruisers, and many members here like to put ht kits on cruisers, myself included. its (usually) a simple matter of removing the coaster brake arm, installing the sprocket, and re-attaching the coaster brake arm. some hubs are wider than what the sprocket can fit over, in which case you have two options. make the hole in the sprocket wider, or get a wheel with a smaller hub. you can probably replace that rear wheel if needed with a wheel that has a different type of hub for not too much money. now, fitting a china girl on that frame is going to be a little tricky. there ied to be a website where they sold rack mounts for ht engines, but i can not find it, most likely because i cant remember the exact name of it. perhaps someone else here does.
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