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Default Re: You guys are nice, I'm not..

You can't assume someone asking a question is lazy just because you know how to use a search tool. My 97 year old grandma doesn't know how to turn on a computer much less know how to use a search tool. The very fact someone wants to use a motorized bicycle for basic transportation tells you something (like me they ain't rich). We assume people know things they might not have even ever been exposed to. I throw out a lot of ideas that are not founded to spark discussion from those more learned like Yank. I learn alot like that and I try to disclaimer my ideas with I'm not sure this works but... I'm sure that dude with a key on a kite string was thought to be an idiot too. Had a guy the other day didn't know how to post pics turns out he was on a cell phone but he sounded like he was clueless. Took some dialogue to figure that out.

OTOH someone the other day just plain out said he wasn't gonna spend time to research wanted a quick answer...I don't operate a blue horse stable so he had to ride on LOL!
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