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Default Re: Wanting a new motor

Originally Posted by Rusty1 View Post
I think that's what my next move should be [replacing the junk carb] . The only adjustment you can really make are just the idle , choke and throttle . You cant even replace the jet . I've triple checked everything I've done to be certain I haven't messed anything up or missed anything . I did find that my head was put on at the factory all cockeyed and torqued on uneven . that was when I filed the lip off it and then I torqued it on properly . I have sprayed starting fluid around the entire motor to check for leaks . To my knowledge I haven't done anything wrong . The carb that I have at the moment is a CNS and the one that my buddy loaned me was the same . After I replace that I'm out of options . I really hate the thought of replacing the entire motor , when it runs , buddy it runs ! I love the thing ! And all the heads that it turns makes me want to make it run right even more . Its a cool little bike .

If I hadn't found this forum I think I might have taken a sledge hammer to it by now . THIS PLACE ROCKS for a new guy to the motorized bicycle world .
I recommend a Speed carb if ones available. If not then an NT. Get a 68 jet. Run the needle clip second slot from the top.
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