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Default Re: Wanting a new motor

Originally Posted by Rusty1 View Post
I've already gone threw and ground out the bad welds in the intake , trimmed the gaskets on the intake and exaust manifold , filed down the step on the head and played around with several different spark plugs . I even confiscated another carb from a friend . nothing seems to change the fact that it wants to 4 stroke on me whenever it feels like it , speed makes no difference . When it does decide to run right it goes like a bat out of **** . I went by one of those road side speed radars at 46 mph . That's maybe 1 ride out of 10 though . I'm at the end of my capability's . Unfortunately this is my only source of transportation and the majority of my riding is in fairly heavy traffic and I'm not able to trust it .
these are not common problems among ht engines. this to me sounds like there is either an air leak, or you have done something wrong. dont get offended. we all probably have done something wrong once or twice while experimenting with ht engines. but if you are at the end of your capabilities with an ht motor, i would not advise that you buy any motor that requires any diy work.
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