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Default Re: Wanting a new motor

Originally Posted by Rusty1 View Post
I've been looking around for a new motor , I'm dissatisfied with the Skyhawk 66/80 that I purchased . A while back I found a website that sold engines that are brand new but have been reworked and better quality parts added to them . One of these motors is a 50cc but rated at 9 horse power . I'm considering spending the extra money to purchase one of them , only problem is I didn't book mark the site and I cant find now . Would anybody happen to know the website I'm talking about and has anyone purchased one of these motors .
Also , I'm a bit of a nub and need some advise on the best parts supplier to deal with . there are so many out there but a lot of them sell nothing but crap parts .

Just wondering, what's wrong with the SkyHawk? Maybe the problems could be addressed. China girl motors are great motors generally speaking. I'm very happy with my new Flying Horse 80. I bought it from BikeBerry.

I couldn't just slap it on though. I had to correct a few minor deficiencies first.
Nothing you wouldn't have to do to any china girl.
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