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Default Hello everyone!

I do think that I joined and registered here a few years back. But I can't find any trace of myself. So after I finish scratching my head over this I'll start all over........

I'm a life-long bicyclist and have always had a working bike on hand. In the spring of 2008 I built two standard 50cc, two stroke 'happy time' bikes. I did it because I thought that the very idea was just way too cool.

It seems that old age, in the meantime, has crept up on me. Now I want a little help if conditions outdoors are less than perfect. Like when it's 80 degrees at 5 AM and 105 in the shade at 4 PM. I'm actually kinda angered that we've had to live with conditions like that for so many days lately. Yes, it's better now. But it's still hot.

The first bike I built was a 24 inch Kulana beach cruiser. I just barely shoe-horned that engine into that frame, let me tell you. This bike was meant for my wife. But she never really did get the hang of it. The second one I built was on the frame of an old Columbia ten-speed that I had modified to fit mountain bike wheels and tires. That was really quite a good MB.

Those first two bikes didn't really last all that long. One was dead in, I think, 2009. Clutch had rusted into practically one piece. (I've learned my lesson. I make my own gaskets now.) The other bike made it to the spring of 2010. I rode it one day early in the season. When I tried to start it a couple of weeks later I had either a no-spark or weak spark condition. I might not have given up on it, but it had other issues and I just wasn't willing to deal with it. But those were my fist builds. I started out unfamiliar with the kits. Made some errors. Allowed wear and damage that someone with experience would not allow. I understood this and didn't hold it all that much against the happy time engines and kits.

In the summer of 2009 I bought a Currie e-Zip Trailz. I'm pretty impressed with it. It's quite a capable machine for the money and I'm willing to recommend it. On the other hand, I am carrying 28 pounds of batteries and still don't have quite the range and speed that I want. I'm considering adding two more batteries (14 lbs). But I don't think I'd do it for myself. My wife likes this bike, so I might do it for her. In either case, it's a good bike. But it is just a bit limited.

But as this past spring was coming on, I began to feel 'that ol' itch'. I wanted a gasoline engine again. I was pleased to find that the price is a bit lower than it was 4 years ago and that at least some of the components have been improved.

I was planning on putting this engine on an old mountain bike I have sitting around here. But when I was just about to start, I stopped and inspected a Huffy Cranbrook at the local Wal-Mart. I was sold on the spot. This is a much more stout bike than I would have guessed. I would have bought it for the wheels alone. Having built it and getting toward the end of the break-in period I'm still impressed. The bike is not only strong, but it's agile and responsive. As an old bicyclist I know how to be the shock absorber. But it helps when the bike is cooperative. This one is. Barring a premature frame-snap or something like that, I just know I'm going to love this one.

There's just something about things that go 'putt-putt' that. They call out to me. Mopeds, Scooter, Corvairs, rear engine Volkswagens, etc. When I lived in California back in the eighties, I remember seeing Peugeot CV-2s around. I don't remember hearing them run. But I'll bet they sounded about the same. And, of course, these happy times fit right in there. Except to the driver, that is. They really are a bit loud. When I watch someone riding my bike from only 20 feet away or so, it sounds like Heaven to me. But when I'm on the bike it's louder than I want it to be.

I'll have to work on noise control, I guess. I've considered spreading red RTV silicone on the inside of the covers. And I notice some of the vendors now offer silencing kits at a pretty low price. I'll also consider exhaust options. Like a 'poo' pipe, maybe. Or maybe I could simply extend the exhaust outlet from the existing muffler back to my rear axle. I'll have to think about it.

Anyway, I'll attach photos of my motorized bicycles to date and I'll look forward to chatting and sharing info here.
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