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Originally Posted by Ludwig II View Post
Trust me, I can't answer for 2 strokes in America but, in my racing, blown pipes are entirely ordinary, and the same applies across European countries. OK, if you need to change direction or angle somewhere you will have to cut and rotate the sections, but you get far smoother shapes far more easily than with welded up rolled sections.

There is a downside though, in that harmonic cracking can occur, where the fracture actually goes at an angle through the pipe, like glass breaks. It's effectively impossible to repair when it goes like that.
Here's the way it's done:

I didn't say it can't be done. It obviously can. But you don't have good control over the internal dimensions, you're forced to work with extremely thin sheet metal, and you have to work with dangerously high pressures. This is a technology with too many problems and limitations to be successful. Plus, you're never going to take an existing chamber made from 18ga. steel and hook it up to your pressure washer and have dents pop out.

Pilotgeek - did you see how badly the pipe in the video kinked up and changed shape as it "inflated?" Not much control of the final product, which is really what you want.

I saw a guy on youtube make a steam powered bicycle which actually worked and moved around. But the technology isn't suited for that purpose, so no one but a backyard tinkering crank will ever try and do it. I think the blown pipe makers would be much better served by rolling cones and welding them together. They'd probably make more power and last longer.
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