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Default Re: Motorized black mamba roadster project in Kenya

Tried putting in the engine today and to my surprise the engine is too wide for the pedals!! I didn't measure this when I bought the engine....

Starting to become a rather frustrating project.

On the right side of the bike the pedals pass the engine fine, but the left side is wider and the pedals would need to be moved outward about 1 cm. I'm really starting to wonder how all those taxi bicycles in Gilgil got their engine working properly. Their engines are older and maybe have a different width.

The chain does seem to line up nicely and even the chain tensioner is ok the way it is. My frame is oval so the chain tensioner will not move as quickly I hope.

So things to be done are:
- think of a solution to engine width/pedal clearance. The bolts sticking from the engine are not long enough for the engine to be put higher in the frame.
- get a replacement carburettor. Once those parts are broken off, fixing seems impossible.
- go back to the shop, to pick up the chain guard which they didn't give me.
- find a way how to get the foot back brake they provided to work properly.
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