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Default Re: Hi from MAINE. How far/long is safe to ride 2 stroke before resting motor???

Originally Posted by zeeohsix View Post
I see you're all posting 20:1, 32:1 and 50:1 mixtures--my "owner's manual" (the broken English translated from Chinese kind) says to break it in with 16:1 oil and after the break in to use 20:1? Is that normal?
The 16 -20:1 mix was the old school mix when we didn't have modern 2 stroke oils and we used non detergent 30weight. The China directions are mostly to cover their arses. Hard to seize one with that much oil, even if the fuel mixture is a little lean.

A good safe mix with air cooled non syntetic oil is 40:1. The ultralight guys get as much as 1200 hours on their engines with 50:1 aircooled oil, and they run them nearly WOT continuosly. I have been using 50:1 in everything 2 stroke I own for the last 20 years. Never had any failures from lack of lube.
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