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Cool Re: Gas spills...leaky cap

Heres whats happening the seam at the tank where the cap goes leaks most of the time in my opinion. Paint it up paint it good use a can maby sand the blemishes out use another can. The idea? Engine paint dos not care if gas touches it. Now this means you have a sealer that = a tank that will not leak . The paint will not blemish from the gas its good paint, gas will not tarnish your purty shine. Paint your studs really well at the base as most of these tanks will leak here eventually. Mask your studs so the nuts can be threaded back on without cursing. Double gasket your cap tripple gasket your cap if it helps, but do drill a 1/8 hole maby very slightly smaller in the center of your gas cap. Your tank needs to breath so does your ch. Hope this helps!!!!!! A good high temp engine paint is to me like sealing the entire tank with epoxy
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