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Default Re: gas/oil mix for higher compression BGF chinagirl?

If you can, use something other than Interceptor. It's really meant for colder temps such as liquid cooled snowmobiles. Amsoil Saber is what Amsoil recommends for small air-cooled engines such as mopeds. I would personally mix it at 50:1, but Saber is supposed to work even at 100:1 . When using less oil, you get a larger percentage of gas burning, which does produce a bit more power.

I mix at 50:1 and use 91 octane. I can get away with lower, but only the 91 at the local pump is pure gas with no ethanol. If I don't firmly plant my butt on the seat while starting, I'll skid the back tire due to high compression, but even at that much compression, I have not seen any problems when I tried using standard 87 octane.
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