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Default Re: Motorized black mamba roadster project in Kenya

What are the dangers of the standard chain tensioner? The fact that the chain can push it into the spokes I presume.

Was thinking of welding a horizontal piece of metal to the bottom bicycle frame to which I will then mount the chain tensioner. This means the chain can be tensioned horizontally and vertically.

I read here on the forum also a way without the tensioner, by tensioning the engine itself and inserting some t-shirt shaped washers, and cutting out chain links when the chain gets too long.

I want to also still be able to use the bicycle without the engine, so I don't want too much drag from the second chain when the engine is off. Is the no tensioner then a good idea? Or get a better rolling tensioner like a mountain bike derailleur?

Any advise on how to make a kind of vintage looking tensioner system is much appreciated.
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