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Default Re: 70's Stingray build

*UPDATE*- As of about a week and a half ago I now have brakes on the bike. It's a regular center-pull rub brake, and surprisingly works pretty well. I have to plan my stops in advance (let the motor wind down then use the brakes at a low speed) but it works pretty well even in a relatively high speed, sudden stop. I found this out as I was riding through my neighborhood the other day when a woman in a van ran the stop sign. I hit the brake, pulled in the clutch and revved the piss out of the poor little 2-stroker (seeing as though I didn't have a horn). Finally got the woman's attention, and she stopped in the intersection. I shook my head at her, slipped the clutch and pulled the front wheel off the ground past her.

After that ordeal, everything was fine for a while, and had some interesting times with the bike (including some kid on a 125 dirt bike wanting to race, and I went for it--I'd be lying if I said it wasn't entertaining Alas, all good things must come to an end. I had my first breakdown the other day riding down my street. I was just riding normally and all of the sudden I heard a BAM like a backfire, and my exhaust got very loud. Now, having taken the baffle out before I knew exactly what happened. The muffler kicked the baffle out, but only this time it came out with the mounting stud! The cheap weld on the stud (which is nothing more than a long machine screw with a round metal piece spot welded to it) broke. I liked the power increase with the baffle out, and it sounded cool, but it just gets annoying after a while and I'm not looking to have the neighbors call the cops seeing as though it's not registered and not street legal at the moment. I think I'm going to just have the baffle welded onto the muffler directly and maybe upgrade in the future to one of those chambered exhausts from SBP or Motovelo.

Also, an update on the OCC project. A family friend who has a bicycle and car graveyard in his backyard gave me the go ahead to go "dumpster diving" and said anything I found I could have, free of charge. Among this was, believe it or not, a pristine OCC chopper! So now I sort of (I've seen it, but unfortunately I didn't have the vehicle at the time to actually take it home) have a donor bike for my OCC project. I'm planning to run a Lifan 125cc single with a kickstart and a built in 4 speed tranny (1 down, 3 up), with a custom dual exhaust (y-pipe coming off the muffler welded to 2 header pipes--unnecessary and heavy but it sure would look cool). It's gonna be wicked fast when it's done. I don't think rub brakes are gonna suffice for this one, though--I'm gonna have to see what I can do about fitting at least one disc on there.
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-Briggs & Stratton 5 HP 4 stroke, electric start
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1976 Columbia Gold Crest (Stingray knock-off), 80cc Chinese 2 Stroke. Custom intake manifold, engine mounts, rim brake, digital tachometer. Stock front tire & larger back wheel with wide street tire.
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