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Default yesterday BIG TIME RECK!!!

Folks of motorized bicyclcers, be very careful riding your motorized bicycle on the road!!!
I have gotten hit by a car yesterday on the road...
and the car hit me from behind.
I was just cruising down a local road at about 20 miles/hour.
It was about around 9MP and was pitch dark where i was riding.
I had a cateye safety light on red light blinking mode in the back( sure it was working at the time and visible to many cars).
in the front i had 1 w bicycle light shining the road(though it isn't enough lighting at all for the speed of the bicycle... i was thinking of getting 10w lighting system on ebay.)
it happend so quickly, i didn't even know that i was going to get hit.
i have ridden my bike for about 3 month and all the cars were aware of me.
and either they slow down or pass me by.
I don't think i will ride on the road where there is no shoulders or sidewalk anymore.
because where i got hit there was no shoulders or sidewalk. just plain 2lane road.
and i found it very dangerous to ride on such road. you never know which car would not see you and hit you from the back.

luckily i don't think i hit the car when i was flying back.
i think i just landed on my body.
but found my helmet was cracked in half(bicycle helmet from walmart made of styroform)
luckily i didn't have any head injury.
without the helmet i would have had major head damage...
i didn't get no broken bones (very lucky) but had few sever muscle bruises on my right shoulder and right lower back.
was sent to hospital immediately and got x-rayed. and came back home in 3 hours.

the car driver who hit me was going pretty fast i think about 40~50miles per hour.
and the driver didn't even stop after hitting me.
other people from back pulled over and called an ambulance for me.

one more scary thing was right after i got hit and i was on the road i saw another car coming and i was trying to move my body but i couldn't
lucky that car saw me and stopped

right now i can barely move around at home with help of my family members.
i won't be working at least for a week until this muscle bruises are healed.

my bike was totaled my rear wheel got bent in half and so is my front wheel.

from now on i will always wear a helmet. and won't be riding where there is no shoulders or side walks.

just be care ful riding this bike on the road folks.
i thank GOD I didn't get major injuries.
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