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Default Re: Motorized black mamba roadster project in Kenya

I bought an engine today. Seems to be a Chinese make but had no box, manual and the name plate seems incorrect. It says that its a 100cm3 engine (YD47) which seems to be incorrect. Does anyone know engine with this number on it? The Chinese characters state: 中国广州三和助力车公司 "Zhongguo Guangzhou Sanhuo Zhuli Chegonsi". Can't find anything on them on interet though....
On the rectangular fuel tank it says "Xiaobaitu cf50".

I am missing the chain guard which I can hopefully pick up at the shop.

Bought a second had oval shaped gas tank already. So hope to be installing it all this week.

I don't like the exhaust pipe color, so might paint that with heat resistant black paint.

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