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Default Re: New Member, picking up on Friday!

sounds like its got high compression. my motor is hard starting at times due to high compression, and takes a bit to warm up if i start her cold with no choke. i personally dont mind it too much. of course, from sitting that long, it could also be that your clutch is a little loose. when i adjust my clutch cable, i loosen the lock nut on the end of the cable and use two pairs of pliers, one to pull the clutch cable taut and one to push the lock nut a little further in. you dont want to over-tighten the clutch cable too much though, or you will still have starting issues. i check for play by letting the clutch lever out, then pulling it with one finger. if i feel a lot of free play with no tension, then its time to adjust. one piece of advice i can give you. dont go around adjusting a whole bunch of stuff without having a way to check if it needs adjusted first. you will save yourself a lot of hassle by only adjusting things that actually need adjusting. plus its a lot easier to troubleshoot when you know what to look for.
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