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Default Re: Hello from San Antonio,Texas

I have the gearbox mounted.I found some 10w high temp gear oil through amsoil. That was what the manual with the gearbox recomended, along with the grease directly on the gears. I've Kreemed the gas tank, so it won't rust inside. I got the three part Kreem system from a motorcycle dealer. I also found the paint that matches the ruby red metalic color of the point beach cruiser from walmart. It's made by Testors. it's number 1629. I got it from a hobby craft store called Micheals it also may be at Walmart if not it's online if you want to match the color of your tank and chain guard. It's an enamel base so you need to get the right clear that's resistant to gas spills because the paint itself apparently isn't. Also I bought some of that liquid rubber dip for dipping tools to coat the parts of the kit that will come in contact with the frame so it won't chip or scratch it and it comes in red so it will blend in more some black rubber inner tube. I ordered a cool chrome springer front fork and some other accessories for the bike I hope to get soon.
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