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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

I've been using regular fluxed solder to make my throttle ends for a while now. I can't remember where I saw the little trick, but it works great. I haven't had even one come back to me.
You, of course, first cut the cable to the proper length, Then coat the end with a thin layer of solder. (thats all it'll hold anyway, the steel cables don't really like solder.) So thats why next you wrap a coil of copper wire to the size you need on the end. THEN when it's soldered it'll hold till the cows come home. Ya might have to file it some to make it the correct size, but I've pulled on it with everything I have and it holds real well. I dont buy throttle cabels anymore, I just buy a bicycle brake cable (2 or 3 bucks,) and make my own.
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