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Default New to 2 cycle engines

Hey all, I recently built myself a mountain bike with a Chinese? "80cc" engine kit that I got from a vendor in town. So far I have a bunch of questions seeing as I'm not very familiar with building these from scratch, I am more the computer type . Thus far what I have for questions are as follows.

Bearings in the crank case / drive train
Which ones are problematic and what parts i might need

Jack-shaft kits
How reliable and usable are these and how will it affect regular pedalling

Alternative rear wheels with better sprocket mounting options.
Belt drive is awesome for the road and path rider, but for off road dirt and gravel type areas, I would like to move away from the pineapple rag's. any suggestions?
(26" 700c size)

2 cycle oils
many different types and which type specifically i should use.

other lubricants/additives
what will help the performance of my engine all around.

separate oil and gas tanks for 2 cycle set-ups\
is this even possible to have these mix at a carb or one of these boost bottle kits I have seen around. Ideally for gas on the go and commuting.

lighting kits and such.
I am looking for motorcycle equivalent possibilities run on led to hopefully be able to keep enough of a charge in a battery from daytime riding when that maybe hour or two comes up at night.

very functional add on pieces.
In my travels around where i live i came across one store that deals strictly with electric that carries a unit for dual cable pulling action. it has 2 separate inputs that operate a dual output in unison. I have looked at it and so far i think for braking it should work awesome with the lever set I plan to order. If you have found other pieces/"gadgets" like this what are they and what do they do.

rear and front gear racks.
such a very limited and for my ideal set-up kind of lacking, have you found anything or anywhere that has "spectacular" hardware in this area.

Ill add more when i think of it, and pictures of my bike after i take them.

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