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Default Re: Motorized Bike/Parts and such.

Originally Posted by JRalstin View Post
Thanks, yes im aware of purchasing the kit is much cheaper than buying the parts by parts. what i meant was, i got the engine, 5.5hp horizontal shaft (not sure what the brand was). i was wondering if there is a kit without the engine, is it quite possible. i did look up under the converation kit, none of them has complete kit without the engine itself. and by the way, thanks for the site.

If the output shaft is 5/8" then you could just buy a friction drive kit without the engine or a q-matic from azbill but check with him first to see if it will work. Most drive assemblies that use the engine type you have use a clutch assembly on a 5/8' drive shaft. has em so does the 4 stroke area mentioned before has lots of builds for you to look at to decide. Please feel free to ask questions along the way and welcome to the motorized bicycle hobby!

<<<<this is a friction drive

I just remembered you do know these are illegal in NY state? Off road I think is ok tho.
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