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Default Re: Motorized Bike/Parts and such.

Tom, he wants to build a diy, but wants a list of parts. jralstin, a parts list will be difficult to provide without knowing exactly what engine you have. also, some parts may need to be fabricated. all parts are not always available for diy builds, because some parts that are available arent designed for the particular bicycle or engine you will be using. depending on how the motor is designed to mount, you may need a custom motor mount whiich you would need to make yourself or have made at a local shop. as far as a clutch, you need to know the diameter of the shaft that the clutch will go on. check go kart websites for the size clutch you need. you also have the option of installing a cvt (continuously variable transmission). other parts you will need will be a rear drive sprocket, a throttle grip and cable, an exhaust, a gas tank, a carburetor, fuel line. check the diy section for ideas and better explanations of what some of the parts are, such as the cvt.
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