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Default Re: New bike and new fan of them!

Welcome Bamhall,
welcome welcome welcome

Nice stuff to start with!
Looks like a pretty big sprocket in the back- you may want to change that later if you aren't content with the speed out of it- a smaller one will go faster- and depending on your use- that set-up looks good for some really heavy duty trail and CLIMBING-

a lot of folks seem happy with about a 36 sprocket- it's lighter and uses less chain too.

If you want to have less vibration at speed- the smaller sprock keeps the motor from revving so much at the same cruise speed- I guess it's fairly flat in Flint, so you will have no trouble with mountains or anything

Some smoother tread tires would help stop any shake too, and maybe narrow- lighter and better roll

just a couple of suggestions

good luck
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