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Default Re: New Member, picking up on Friday!

bob the fenders means cut them smaller for less drag. makes the bike more aerodynamic, and on motorcycles, its less weight. for a bicycle, i dont think even those fenders weigh all that much to begin with, so it would be mostly to reduce drag. there is a style of motorcycle that is called a "bobber" which got its name from bobbing the fenders. thats your call. i personally dont have any fenders on my bike. but its a choice between what you like and what you think is best. the only modification I would recommend is getting rid of the stock chain idler. thats the steel piece with the plastic wheel clamped to the left chain stay, basically holding up the bottom of the engine chain. they are known to be problematic, and can loosen up and fly into your spokes. the best option is to attempt to shorten the chain enough that you dont need the idler. I cant tell from the pic what width your chain is, my chain is smaller and i was able to use the $5 chain breaker tool available at walmart. if your chain is wider, you may want to look elsewhere for a tool that is wide enough, or use a hammer and punch to remove the pins holding the links of the chain together.
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