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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

Fatdaddy, ok, fair enough. hahaaha. Luckily in TX you don't need a license to ride a motorized bicycle (49cc and 30mph top speed. Please, armchair lawyers, don't pipe up about the scooter laws or posts walls of text, it's been done already), but you do have to jump through hoops to carry a handgun.

I agree about the responsibility to train a dog if owning one. I don't own any dogs. I like a few but generally don't enjoy dogs, and don't like animals in the house. There are tons of dogs here that stay in their yards, even if they bark their heads off and run the fence line or the ditch. But it only takes one dog, even a little bitty sucker, to wreck a bike or injure a cyclist.
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