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Default Re: My new toy. Kikker 5150 200cc - pics and review.

no the assembly is definitely doable. I have been zipping up and down my block with the bike i slapped one of those cordless bell speedos from walmart on but i think the cheap plug wire is screwing it up (simular to the china girl plug wire) so i am going to get a better plug wire a little later today. my closest autoparts store only sells them in sets so i may have to shop around to find a single plug wire. But i can tell you that the 200cc's power is very satisfying, i think i will need a better seat it feels like i am about to slide off the seat at times, good low end power but the top end is NUTS! They say at the forums that the top speed on the 200cc is about 75-80mph stock, and there are diffrent sized rear sprokets available that can give you more top speed.
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