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Default Re: WCC SO-CAL Special Frame Build....

Originally Posted by culvercityclassic View Post
Thanks Scotto, my biggest fan I

Gilbert...them rims be 24x2.5 wide. I got a good friend that I hit up for some felt wheels but when I told him what the plan was he pushed me out the door with the ones I have now, he made a good choice for me and I am more than happy.

I was able to weld in the tank mount and kinda mock the bike up, it has a lot of dead space but that will be filled up with some go fast goodies.

I need to order some engine parts before I weld the motor mount in...

I want to thank DMB...aka Dennis again for the lathe...I was able to fab up the bungs for the tank and had a blast doing it...

Thats it for now...

I like how long it is... should track nicely at speed; I know others have said it... but man, you do NICE work! I'm a newb, and have only done one motorized bicycle build, but nothing like this, man. I slapped together a Chinese 2 cycle Grubee, back when he was starting out, on a stretch cruiser frame... engine looked pathetically small for a bike its size, I've been looking for something... more "substantial" since. I've got an idea for a build though, looks NOTHING like anything I've seen here. I wish I had your skills (and tools!) But being on a Veterans pension doesn't give me much in the way of spare change! I have to find me a welding buddy, locally. What do you charge for a frame-only build?

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