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Arrow Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

That's interesting. I hope I don't get the thread locked or posts blocked.

You can get these at the toy store for $1-5, and they are obviously fake (though could be confused as a flare gun by some idiots or cops on a MWG call.) Dogs might or might not run from it. Follow your local and state laws, please.

I really don't want to shoot anything, but I wouldn't hesitate if it seriously attacked. If there are other measures that will work, that is the best course. I think a .22 rimfire isn't enough, but if that's what you want, get the Walther 22 semi-auto. It is a real hot seller here. It holds 10 rounds and the mag-release is actually a hinged section of the trigger guard, so you will never accidentally drop your mag or have it jam after the first shot if you pocket-holster carry or belt-clip carry.
I agree, dogs are a serious danger to bicyclists and motorcyclists.

For a related thread, see here:

Originally Posted by yodar View Post
A LITTLE HISTORY back in the LATE 190-S AND EARLY 1900'S Bicycling was what driving a car is today. Dogs were a VERY serious concern to cyclists. So Much that a small caliber 25-30 cal. rim-fire pistol with retractable trigger so it can easily be pocketed and withdrawn to deal with threatening dogs while on the "velocipede" the pistol was called the "VELO DOG PISTOL"

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