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Default Re: clocked at 38mph today

It's not the speed I'm doubting- it's the practice of running the revs up-

"using reed valves and winning" is a kind of statement- Yes, I guess there are many here who'll take that approach- I was more speed oriented when I was getting started, even while I was first pretty uncomfortable with the speed my original kit and cruiser got- especially at least until I had the dual brake handle and perpendicular bars.

The older 50cc carb and standard intake had me bogging down a bit- so I wanted to overcome that.

But if you want something to LAST- if you want the practicle VALUE of the bikes- if you aren't racing and don't want to be tearing the motor down all the time, I just think 38 on a 44 sprock would be VERY uncomfortable-

pushing the motor, revving like hades- and revving equals vibration- AND with knobby tread tires here- a further source of vibrations

If speed is what you're constantly after you may be better off with a motorcycle or dirt bike.

I still always think of my China Girl in terms of the Chinese Junk boat- here's a little motor for getting around- maybe hauling some things you need- they seem to have developed in china with this Junk Boat kind of philosophy-

then, what I have done at least, is taken my years of bike racing experience and refined the carriage mostly- a billet intake is the only thing I have special on the motor, and I switched to the 66 Speed carb when it came out. I can PROBABLY do 38- I've been to 35 and don't want to stress the motor beyond that, and I think my analogue bike speedo may read just a tweak slow for 27" wheels- That was on the level even with my 8" rise BMX bars, but that's also with a 34 sprocket. That sprocket gives an almost effortless 25 for the motor, and then 30 starts to feel like it's near some kind of normal "redline" of revs.

but my bike is more like the family car to me- not really a 200 mph Cobra or anything that I want to max out on-

I also always wear a cycling helmet and not a DOT helmet- I did get a DOT half helmet for my scooter, but it's weight was aggravating an existing sore neck condition, and the bike helmet is better air vented here in usually hot Florida-

so 25 or 30 is not like 40 or 50 anyway, and I feel like my light and cool cycling helmet is still very adequate protection. I've quit reaching for speed but like a nice fast and smooth cruise where I can more blend in with traffic speeds on long surface street stretches.

I like to then hit the kill switch if I Know I'm coming to a stop- and I've said it before- it's just like the moment finishing a fast criterium or road sprint- and that puppy just wants wants to coast and coast forever- sit back and enjoy the QUIET bike ride for a quarter mile or more. Wow, seems like old times.

Seems like Old Times

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