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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

Speaking of bad owners... dad-in-law was cleaning up the local hot springs, and broke his toe rushing to help a "person" who was screaming. Turned out to be some terriers that bone-headed owners threw in the source pool! They were yelping but they couldn't get out. (190F or so)

So I was riding my bike, and suddenly my clutch starts slipping. Somehow my flower-nut shaved off part of my replacement lock screw, and unwound. So I went to Home Depot and got another with a slightly larger head, fixed it again with loctite, then started going to REI to cash in some dividends but my left pedal crank falls off. Just falls right off as I go from a stop! The nut on it didn't have a lock washer, so I'll have to get one. Fortunately, I was cutting through the local uni where I go and a buddy in services over there passed by as it happened. Got it tightened back on, and I get back on the road to REI. 5 miles later, I feel something touch my foot and I look down and see that TWO of the screws on my sprocket cover have fallen off, and as a result of improper securing it was pushed out, making the clutch arm floppy enough for the cable to fall out letting it swing freely. I'm getting some loctite and going over EVERYTHING tomorrow...

I promptly turned around and had to shut off/start the engine at every stop until I got back home. Awfully jerky! Then I ordered the replacement hardware kit from SBP, along with carb jets, damper material (I have a squeaky clutch b/c of wobbly countershaft) a new throttle with perfect-length cable (mine is cheesy plastic, WAY too long) a double-pull brake lever (my grip-shifter clutch gets in the way of my rear brakes) and some other parts. I'd like to get an EPA muffler too... we'll see.

I'm kind of thinking about trying my luck with an IGH and shift kit, but we'll see. It'd be nice to keep RPM's down while cruising, reduce drag while coasting, and make it possible to assist pedal at speeds other than <12mph. I've no problem pedaling, I just want to keep up with traffic.

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