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Default Re: Any parts missing?

Originally Posted by Wally View Post
And torquing needs lubrication :-) Does that mean lock tight is slippery enough until set?
Yes it is slippery enough when assembling. Use blue lock tight on your tiny allen's..

Lock Tight is a common practice in machinery.

I have installed lock tight on certain bolts on intake plenums in automobile engines etc. As lock tight serves as a anaerobic sealer too. Where other wise there would be a vacuum leak? Lots of bolts to motors need to be torque wrenched with accurate precision. Pretty commen practice in the engine world. On rear ends in the pumpkin area. On manual clutch bolts the list goes on.

When I reassemble something like a fragile warp able aluminum intake plenum on today's latest designs. . I will take the bolts that had the lock tight to such as a bench grinder that has a wire brush wheel on it. Clean up my bolts that need it and repeat. As per the repair manual instructions. It works!
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