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Default Re: where can i get a spark plug for my 49 cc china engine kit in syores?

Originally Posted by Goat Herder View Post
Here is a conversion chart to what plug brand models cross over to other brand makes.

Saw this 1052 B6HS-10 N/A 156 42F 4093 176-5006 N/A 7596 W7AC 811
thanks for the chart

it says it replaces the br6hs and the b7hs but when the guy crossed referenced it at the store we used b6hs. I wouldnt trust their computor to be right for what I want and that is a b6hs.

So with my limited knowledge about plugs so far I have a plug that will work but might be to hot but could use it till I get the plug I want. Or would it hurt the motor running a hot plug. To be honest I cant remember which way the hot or cold swings.
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