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Default Re: Throttle useless

Originally Posted by chadmashman View Post
I just put a RAW 49cc motor from zone8cycling on a Schwinn OCC. Starts up fine, but when I twist the throttle, it doesn't seem to change the speed, it's running me at about 15mph without doing anything to the throttle. If I engage the clutch, the motor takes off super fast. I even broke the plastic part that holds the end of the cable on two throttles now turning to too hard thinking it wasn't working. Any ideas?

Also, which way turning the carb adjustment screw will decrease the idle speed?
As BGJ says - probably something going on at the top of the carb where the cable enters. You want some little slack in the housing. The housing should be free to move.

Turning the screw in (right/clockwise) increases idle speed. So back her out...lefty, loosey, ccw....
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