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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

Concluded my jetting I think this is as good as it gets? Took my PHBG 21mm Dellorto carb from w7 needle 3rd notch down and a pilot of 48..... After re-timing the needle. ''sanded the tip down a bit chucked up in a drill'' That dropped my needle to the middle second notch and put me into a 60 pilot jet. ''never touched the main''.

This leaned out the bottom end a lot by dropping that sanded w7 needle a notch. For a couple of days had to think real hard where I would go with it next. Had the fuel mixture screw sitting right at 3 turns out . Just teasing me until tonight. lol. Now it is 2 turns out and just a bit too rich. Should be great! Dead on there in the winter. Prolly will have it at around 1 1/2 tomorrow.

What did I get from it it? A stronger lower RPM torque on through to the top. Nearly lost my 10 mph cruise ability tho. Cannot go as low as 5 mph at times any more.

Concluded that any more mods will be going backwards? It will be a on off switch lol. Had to do my jetting late at night because it is cooler outside and later into fall weather I could get my curiosity satisfied as to how well it will do in the winter? Perfection..just when I thought I could never top what I had?

Working in a small engine shop has broadened my horizons . Jetted a lot of crap lately! Just did a little Chinese 50cc street legal moped last week. Boy howdy did that thing run rich at this altitude until a main jet fix. Soldered and re-drilled.

There Is No Solder In My Del 21mm.................

A simple touch of the Idle air fuel adjustment and its all gonna be rock and roll. Rock be rocked or step aside! Morini baby
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